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Rockett Water Supply Corporation was established Jan. 29, 1965. The Corporation is a non-profit corporation organized under Article 1434a of the Revised Civil Statues of Texas of 1925. The corporation was formed for the purpose of furnishing a water supply for general farm use and domestic purposes to individuals residing in the rural community of Rockett, Texas and the surrounding rural areas. Rockett derived its name from the first well that was located in the community of Rockett, where it all began. The original Board Members were: T. James Scott, T.M. Harper, C.E. Spain, E.T. Goodloe, T.M. Mabry. 
Rockett Water Supply Corporation became Rockett Special Utility District Nov. 21st, 1989. 
Rockett Special Utility District strives in providing the best customer service and the highest quality of surface water to the community. We currently have 2.8 million feet (570 miles) of distribution piping running in our service area with 11,555,000 gallons of existing ground and elevated storage facilities, which is divided into (9) service areas. 
Rockett Special Utility District currently supplies service to approximately 12,000 customers in our service area. 

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Rockett Water Service Area Map

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