Capital Improvement Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 


Current Projects

  1. Easements on Future Projects – Easement acquisition time very often drives a project schedule. Matthew Whitman is working on acquiring easements along Bells Chapel, Pratt & FM 2377, the south side of FM 664 and the Pressure Plane tie-in so hopefully easements are not holding up projects.


  2. Kristen Elevated Storage Tank – This project consisted of replacing the 0.5 MG Elevated Storage Tank at Plant #8 with a new composite 2 MG Elevated Storage Tank at Kristen Pump Station Circle H Contractors reported that the pipe and valves have been delivered and they will start this week. The contract time ends on January 5, 2018.    


  3. Ring & Buchanan Road Improvements – This project consists of replacing approximately 6,800 linear feet of 2” water main with 8” and 4” water mains to improve service to customers on Ring and Buchanan Roads. This project is ready to bid and it has been scheduled on the CIP to receive bids in 2018.


  4. Red Oak Line & Houston School Road Emergency Connection – This line consists of a 24” distribution line to FM 342 and a 16” line feeding of FM 664north for additional industry needs. Two (12”) connections will allow for transfer of water from Plant 2 to Plant 4 during emergencies.


  1. Cole Road Improvements – This 12” line will serve Cole Manor and allow for improvement south down Cole to Pierce Road. The developer is paying for an 8” main while Rockett is paying to upgrade to a 12” main. It will also be funded by a USDA backed bank loan.




  • Sokoll and Kristen Pump Improvements- This project consists of replacing the high service pumps at Kristen Pump Station and installing some higher lift pumps at the Sokoll Transfer Pump Station. The project is in the planning stages with updated cost estimates and a USDA secured bank loan that is being applied for.


  • Plant #4 Pump Station Rehabilitation – This project consists of replacing or upgrading the pump house, pumps, yard piping with an air gap connection, electrical and fencing at Plant 4 in Red Oak.