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Meter Replacement Program

In the summer of 2015, Rockett SUD began implementation of a meter replacement program.With approximately 12,000 customers, the project will take about 2 years to complete.   
With this meter replacement program, Rockett SUD is excited about taking advantage of the improved technologies that exist with the latest water meters. This technology will result in a more accurate accounting of water being consumed, allow us to remotely access meter activity, detect leaks easier, and will provide additional customer service options.
Please be aware that the new E-Series meter is equipped with an endpoint attached to the mete box lid.  Any damages to this equipment will result in an equipment damage fee and will be billed to your account.
Click HERE to read the meter swap notification letter being sent to customers in advance of the meter installation.
Click HERE to read Master Meter's Product Update and Guide regarding the effects of quick opening valves that could potentially cause magnetic separation at flow rates beyond the meter's rated capacity.
The new E-Series Meter offers the EyeOnWater technology which allows the customer to view their water activity online or through a mobile app.  Click HERE to view instructions on how to setup the EyeOnWater login account.
Click HERE to see a user friendly explanation of the display and indicator symbols on the E-Series Meter.  Please follow-up by watching the videos below. 
Click below to see a YouTube informational video about the new E-Series Meter.